Content is King

As an entrepreneur or business owner, you have probably heard that in order to get attention and traffic on your site, you need content… and that content’s gotta be fresh! Search engines love new information to digest and index, and when they get it, your site’s ranking improves. Site ranking improvement leads to greater attention, visitors to your site, clicks, and ultimately sales in your till and profit on your bottom line.

It sounds great, but who has the time? You’re probably thinking that you’ve got a lot of great ideas for a blog and may have even taken the steps to create one… or had your IT folks do it for you. And it’s sitting out there on the Internet with your first article. A few folks have been drawn to it and may have even made comments. Then a week passes, another one, a month, and before you know it, it’s been six months since you posted and haven’t had the time or inclination to post again. Your one, lonely little blog is not only doing nothing now to improve your site traffic or boost your business, it’s actually working as a detriment.

A prospect may stumble across it and begin looking for more information. Information that isn’t there. No other blogs or articles about your company and the expertise you offer. Now your prospect is wondering if you’re still in business. Conversely, if you manage to keep posting blogs and content that your customers and prospects may find helpful but are full of grammatical and spelling errors, you certainly are going to look unprofessional. Do you ever choose unprofessional vendors? I doubt it.

There is a solution: Contract me to do it for you. It saves you time and keeps your content growing. And with expanding technologies, getting your thoughts and ideas out of your head gets easier every day. Dictate them while you’re driving and save the digital file. Email it. Or simply make a list of salient point you want to cover. I’ll take it from there. You get to enjoy the benefits of adding fresh, relevant content to your site without the pain of writing it.

For more information on how I can help you, contact me at or call at 484-769-8897.

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