What’s Your Offer?

Maybe you’ve heard that the best way to grow your business is by growing your email list. But what about those pesky laws and the CAN-SPAM Act? You can’t simply buy a list and start blasting away with emails like you can with direct mail. So what’s a business owner to do?  How do you build your list?

You’ve got to get folks to pony up their contact information on your site. If they provide their information, you can send electronic newsletters and emails (provided you always offer a way to opt out and unsubscribe). But you won’t get far with a simple “Sign up for our e-newsletter” box on your site. Okay, a few folks will bite if they’ve been wow’d by what they’ve seen on your site and can’t wait for more. But there’s a better approach – enticement.

Offer a free download of some sort – a report, an article, a white paper. Okay, it’s not exactly free. The cost is your prospects’ contact information, but if the information you offer is valuable and relevant, if it can solve a problem that they have, chances are very good they’ll bite.  They get your free download, and you get a lead and valuable information – names and email addresses. (You can require as much contact information as you’d like, but keep in mind that the more required fields you have, the less likely prospects will be to complete it.)

Great. But now you’re wondering how you go about creating your download. A free report or white paper sounds like a great idea, but you don’t have time to write it and produce it. That’s where I come in. You provide a bullet list of the points you want to cover or a dictated Mp3 file (or other digital file), and I take it from there. Pretty “easy peasy” on your part. You get a professionally written and assembled PDF that’s ready to go. Plus I can provide the copy for your landing page to get folks clicking for your download in the first place.

What are you waiting for? Contact me at adeiterich@writewordforyou.com or call at 484-769-8897, and let’s get started.

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