Dangling Modifiers and Other Dilemmas

Before it turned sour, the cat drank the milk. Hhmmm. Now is it the cat or the milk that’s about to turn sour? If the milk is already sour, the cat… or at least the cat’s attitude… is about to turn too. That’s the problem with dangling modifiers – they muddle the message, funny as they may turn out to be.

Grammar. Spelling. Who’s needs ‘em? We all do. Okay, that may not be the case (texting teens will never agree). Let me re-state my answer. Who needs grammar and spelling? Everyone who wants to communicate clearly and have their messages understood. As a business owner and entrepreneur, I suspect you’re in that category. Grammar and spelling mistakes make you (and your company) look unprofessional, and there’s nothing funny about that.

No matter what business you’re in or what industry or target market you serve, there is an ongoing need for clear communication… essentially good grammar and correct spelling. Unless words are actually your business, you didn’t launch your company in order to write. (Okay, I did, but that is, in fact, my business.) Business communication takes time, and time is a precious commodity to every entrepreneur.

The only way to grow your business and keep a healthy bottom line is to focus on what you do best. Use your time to explore your big-picture vision and deal with the daily stuff that really does need your attention. When you outsource the writing, you’ll free yourself to do the things that you want and need to do in your business. Feel free to email me (adeiterich@writewordforyou.com), so we can discuss how I can help lighten your load and sharpen your image. And don’t worry about using a dangling modifier or bad grammar or spelling – I’m here to fix it for you. Or if it’s easier, just call me at 484-769-8897.

And just for fun, here are a few more:

Walking down the street, her umbrella blew inside out.

Wearing a sexy negligee, he admired her.

Tossed in the air, the dog caught the stick.

Squashed by a car, the raven ate the road kill.

And with a tip of my hat to Pennsylvania Dutch heritage: Throw the cow over the fence some hay.

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