Technology Changes…

The technology and the tools changes, but words are still words and the message is still the point of it all.

Computer KeyboardI recently treated myself to a new, ergonomic keyboard, and I’m struggling. It’s much like getting a new car and feeling like you’ve forgotten how to drive. Before the “Naturally Ergonomic 4000” hit my desk yesterday, I could type well… and fast. Now, well, I can’t. The keys are farther apart, so I’m struggling to keep my right hand on its appropriate home row (“jkl;” for those of you who took or remember typing class). The feel of the keys is different too, but I’m persevering because there are some cool features as well, and I know when I master what I used to take for granted, I’ll be working more efficiently with my handy shortcut keys and on-keyboard zoom feature. Until then, I’m forced to proofread over and over due to my greater propensity for typos.

And with that, I stumbled across this article in the New York Times that’s an entertaining look back at the history of word processing:
A Literary History of Word Processing: The Muses of Insert, Delete and Execute.

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