Is Typing Obsolete?

Keyboard and microphoneI recently went to my high school class reunion, and I’d rather not tell you how many years it’s been. In any event, during a tour of the high school, one of my former classmates asked if they still offered typing class. The group chastised him for his question since typewriters are well in the past and most likely only found in museums, but I thought the question was worthwhile. After all, I make my living with my fingers on a keyboard. I am typing at least six hours every day. Typing was one of the most beneficial classes I ever took.

I never did hear the answer to his question in all of the laughing about what seemed to be the silliness of typing, but I stood by my assertion that it was worthwhile. No matter what your job may be, chances are you spend time with your fingers on the keyboard. The better you can type, the more efficiently you can do your job. But that occurred over a week ago, and I’ve taken another technological step forward.

My latest acquisition is voice recognition software, and I hesitate promote a particular product, but in this case, I’ll mention that I purchased Dragon NaturallySpeaking  software. I’m both impressed and frightened at the same time with its accuracy. Without yet going through the tutorials, I’m dictating this blog rather than typing it.

I can see there will be a learning curve because I’m not accustomed to speaking in full sentences as I write. I guess when I type, I think as I go, and I’ve always considered myself a better writer than a speaker. The adjustment will be getting my brain waves to my mouth rather than my fingertips. And of course, patience will be required to go through the learning curve.

So I guess, all in all, the question about typing really did turn  out to be a silly one. Let the learning curve begin.

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