One Week and Counting….

The Mayan calendar expires a week from today. I don’t understand Mayan math well enough to understand why there’s an end. But there is. The end is 12/21/12. While I believe it represents nothing more than the end of an equation, it makes me wonder about the end. After all, religious beliefs (and the Book of Revelation) aside, we’re all terminal in this world.Mayan calendar

I’ll be spending some of my thinking time over this holiday season (and on numerous insomnia-filled nights) pondering what’s yet to be accomplished. What would I regret if it didn’t happen? What would I regret not doing? It’s a really left-handed way, I’ll admit, to figuring out what I want to make happen, but it works for me.

As for the end of days and 12/21/12, embrace the day at hand and make the most of it. Carpe diem, indeed. Long-standing, sound advice.

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