It’s About Time

Time. It is at once completely objective and subjective at… well, the same time. Nothing else has quite the extent of measurement – clocks that measure to the nanosecond and watches that are the most exquisite of accessories. (Have you ever seen a fancy measuring cup? Me neither.) Time runs the world. It governs the outcome of countless sports. It governs how most workers allot their days. It governs our lives. (Time management anyone?)
Time ran out about an hour ago. With the onset of the winter, the Mayan long-count calendar expired. That calendar measured about 5,400 years. Ours expires every 365 days. Time will run out for us again in less than two weeks. We’ll count down to the second the end of this year, hit the reset button, and ring in the next one.
With every passing year, time seems to move quicker – a function of an aging perspective, I suppose. It’s hard to believe that another year has almost passed again. It’s hard to believe the previous cataclysmic calendar reset that occurred with the turn of the century is now a dozen years in the rearview mirror. And how did I get to be this old? Yup, it’s quicker all right… except for the seven-year-old waiting for Christmas. For him, the next four days are no shorter than the Mayan long-count calendar.

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