It’s Not What You Say

Sadly, communication is too often judged by presentation rather than content. Latest case in point: Marco Rubio’s response to the State of the Union message. An awkward reach for a sip of water overshadowed everything he said… at least on the part of opponents. Left-leaning MSNBC replayed the clip the following day well over 100 times. Really? That’s all they could focus on?

I found his message to be spot on, and it made a lot of sense to me. Full disclosure: I’m a Rubio fan. I believe he presents a common sense approach and sees the problems with the federal government the way I see them. Was the reach for the water bottle awkward? Yeah. It was. But if that’s the only thing you could criticize about what he said, well, then that itself speaks volumes.

As a business owner, you may not face the same cutthroat criticism that forced focus away from a well thought out and (until the water bottle reach) well delivered message; however, how your message is presented counts. And in many ways, it counts more than what you have to say. Will one typo derail a prospect? Probably not. One sentence ended with a preposition? Probably not. But if your website or marketing material is poorly presented with bad writing and peppered with misspellings, your prospects will think twice. They’re not they enemy, but they’re not in your camp until you win them as clients… repeat clients.

Make certain the words that represent you and your company are polished and professional. While folks may not conscientiously notice if they are, they’ll certain notice if they aren’t. By then, the damage is done.

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