A Lesson in Antonyms

If the opposite of pro is con, logic dictates that the opposite of progress is Congress.

Recent events support the logic.

Mark you calendars. We’ll be right back in this same mess in January. I’m not naive enough to believe that opposites sides of the aisle are really going to sit down and hash this out between now and then. If, in fact, they can, then I have to ask why they didn’t do it sooner. It is, after all, their job. Plus… let’s see: there’s another Federal holiday coming up, plus a Thanksgiving recess, followed by a break for Christmas and New Years. Yup. January 15th already looms large.

The only good about the deal is that it includes a section in which income will need to be verified in order to qualify for subsidies under the ACA. Verified? Really? Please explain to me why that was never part of the original legislation. Who’s running things? Which brings up a lesson in synonyms: fools, morons, nitwits, blockheads, dunces, pinheads… idiots.

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